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About Stephen

Stephen is a former Al Qaeda hostage who was captured in 2011 while traveling through Mali and held for over six years. During his captivity, he faced unimaginable challenges and developed a deep understanding of the human spirit and the power of the mind.

After his release in 2017, Stephen decided to share his story in the form of a book, "Six Years with Al Qaeda", telling his story, which became a best seller in South Africa with in the first 5 weeks of sale and went on to win the Adult non-fiction category at the South African Book Awards for 2021. This memoir details his journey as a hostage and the lessons he learned about resilience, hope, and finding your authentic self. You can purchase a copy of the book here to learn more about this time.

In addition to writing his book, Stephen is now an international motivational speaker, helping others to explore freedom through mindset and attitude. He draws from his own experiences to inspire audiences to push through difficult times, discover their own inner strength and take ownership of their lives. He also works with organisations and companies to help them build a strong and resilient culture.

Thank you for visiting Stephen's website. We hope you find inspiration and guidance in his story and teachings.

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